Match with the Ratio

Hi there,
This is Sharath.
Have been using Ratio launcher.

Ratio launcher is unique, and of course we love :heart_eyes: it. We always :heart_eyes: .

Here Iā€™m giving some information to match Ratio accent to the whole system of samsung devices.

For that you need hex installer. You can buy it from play store.

Attaching some screenshots.

The new uldate brought awesome look
Love the root cards. :+1:

Thanks for the frequent and wonderful updates.
Enjoy the Blloc (Ratio launcher).


Love the accent colour within the notification shade and message app :heart_eyes:

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Just did the same on my OnePlus, bit more basic through the customization settings it offered. Had to set the colour to a darker shade, as big panels tend to look a bit weird with it, but Iā€™m happy :smirk: