Making some changes to the Blloc website?


First off, I hope that this post doesn’t hurt any party — I genuinely believe that these are some improvements that may probably be considered to improve the general user experience of obtaining Ratio.

Here are some of my feedback that I’d like to share regarding the Blloc website that I hope may be improved on; for other current users, feel free to share what you think as well! I hope that the tediousness in my feedback doesn’t come across as being rude; I hope to be as objective and direct as I can.

The Blloc website

  1. The website introduces us to Ratio, which is described as “a minimal super-app built to re-define your smartphone experience.” I get that this description is valid, but perhaps it could be better to simply point out the objective fact that Ratio is a launcher; this can also help mitigate some confusion by new users later on.

  2. Upon reaching the section describing the Drawers and Tree, the background of the image is predominantly dark-coloured; considering that the Blloc logo at the top is also dark-coloured, this makes the logo muffled temporarily; this isn’t a major issue, though, so I’ll just leave it as it is.

  3. I noticed that the general trend of descriptions includes using adjectives (minimal, mindful, local, etc.); when you get to the section describing privacy, “privacy” seems to stand out to me. Perhaps it could be better to use the adjective form of privacy — private.

General user experience

  1. I believe that general user onboarding and support (without the need to contact Blloc directly) can be lacking, and this can greatly confuse new users who are keen to try Ratio out. I think that it may be better to make links to Blloc’s HowTo page more dominant so that support (such as FAQs) can be easily reached.

  2. I noticed that the website to install BllocDesk is extremely vague; even the Blloc HowTo website made no mention of that page or had any links pointing to it. I think that it’ll be best to include a link to install BllocDesk to the main Blloc page and the HowTo page.


BllocDesk is in its early stages now, but I can really see how much of a benefit it can give after more time to develop. I noticed one behaviour that I didn’t quite expect (more like didn’t get to see happening), and that’s this:

  1. When the device (phone) fails to connect to the camera service, a prompt appears that requests the user to click on the QR code in BllocDesk to get a text code to type in; however, I didn’t see such behaviour happening. Perhaps the feature hasn’t been developed yet, though, so I’ll give the benefit of the doubt!

Other tedious stuff

  1. I noticed that the use of the word ‘troubleshooting’ isn’t always consistent throughout the Blloc websites; perhaps it would be better to standardise them to ‘troubleshooting’ and ‘troubleshoot’.

That’s all that I have for now! I hope my point of view is one that others agree with; for others, please let me know of your thoughts as well! Hopefully, if these are changes which everyone hopes to see, they can be one that Blloc will implement in the near future. :v:



Considering all your points mostly being a Ratio User, I agree to most of them, and there are ways it can improve and honestly I can see improvements been made constantly. Thanks to the Developers.

But there is one thing that I Disagree.

As the main focus of Blloc Ratio is Phone Experience.
So everything they claim on Website describes your complete Smartphone Experience, which can be minimal, mindful, productive by using Ratio.

But it can’t be Private or Privacy focus, as Blloc can’t commit you on Privacy if you are using Google Play services, which obviously you would use being an Android user. And if you use Google nothing is Private. And no Launcher could change it unless you use completely Customized version Android OS like GrapheneOS

And Ratio being an Advanced Launcher, just can’t commit on Privacy. So it would focus more on the Experience they can offer like Minimalism and Productivity.

Plus I’m glad that Ratio do not Commit on Privacy, and by not doing it they are just stating the facts and avoiding the false commitments.

Blloc can maybe in future commit to privacy and security with their own customised Android OS on Z18.
But with Ratio being available as Launcher on third party Phones they can’t commit that.


As I expected of you, @areoen, those are some very detailed observations. I agree with most of what you said in so far as I think the Blloc website could really need some refinement. Especially what you said about getting to the how-to page resonates with me. The website seems a little bit labyrinth like to me which I’ve always found kind of funny considering that the launcher is so straightforward.

Well, that said, I want to note something else. What finally prompted me to do so were your words “in the near future”. At this point I can’t fully agree anymore as I think these improvements should be considered when the launcher itself gets to a point where it’s in what you could maybe call a “late beta”. There are two reasons: the most important one is that Blloc really should focus the workforce (and they are a small company, which means probably all of their workforce) on getting the launcher ready. There are still a lot of bugs and still bugs (black screen) that make the launcher unusable. That’s a no no for products you want money for. With the tree an essential feature is still missing. That are the things which really need work as they are what’s keeping away Blloc from having a product that they can make some revenue with. They should get to that point fast, money is necessary for development and someday in the not so far away future Ratio should make some profit. At the moment Ratio is a beta product. In my opinion the focus does not lie on user friendliness of the website. Beta products are for people that are interested enough in a product to accept having to struggle a bit to get it (I tried to get it for quite some time but only got it when I lied about the phone I was using) and that accept when there are still bugs. In general beta people don’t care that much about such fine website details, I’d dare to say. The second reason would be the simple fact that when the product is not ready and quite some things are not exactly known (which features exactly it’s going to have for example), it’s hard to make a good fitting website. It’s easier to design a good website when the thing you are designing it for has got it’s final shape. At the moment the website is for most parts I think still somehow presenting the Zero 18. In the conclusion, your sharp observations will get relevance in a future that’s maybe a little bit more distant as the near future probably is going to be occupied by getting Ratio ready for sale. But that’s just my opinion, so it’s to be taken with two grains of salt and I’d love constructive criticism in the case I’m thinking one-sided somewhere :slight_smile:

@aarsh.majmudar You are completely right, if you’ve got Google on your phone, it’s not private anymore. But Blloc can, should and is promising privacy in so far as there’s a difference between just Google getting and using most of my private data and Google AND Ratio both selling it. Using a phone with Google means you are somewhat okay with the first case, that does not automatically mean that I’m also okay with Ratio doing the same. So it’s good for Ratio to make clear somewhere that they are not going to additionally sell your data. As far as I know, Blloc doesnt state anywhere that it’s making your phone MORE private, which would indeed be somewhat misleading.