Mac Installation error


I just received the invite link and while trying to install bllocdesk on my MAC, getting an error as in photo

‘cant be opened because apple cannot check for malicious software’

What to do?

Make sure to install as an administrator :slight_smile: That will allow it. :smiley:

Also check this: Running BllocDesk post installation MacOS 10.15.3


Pretty easy mate. Turn off your firewall in security settings. Then reinstall it. Let me know what happens.


Thanks man done, also, I see Ratio installed on my phone, but whenever I disconnect the USB, it goes away. Any solution?

Question: Is it installed on the phone after you disconnect the USB. If not, can you send a screenshot? It helps a lot :slight_smile: Check your settings to see if its installed and also if its the default homescreen :smiley:

This is completely a Mac thing. MacOS allows installation only from recognised developers. To overcome this you can

Option + Right click > Open

other way is to go to System preferences > Security & Privacy >General > Unlock to make changes > Allow to run the blocked installation.

@SilvertongueI wouldn’t recommend turning off firewall :sweat_smile:

@harmeetwhan can you please go to apps & notifications > default apps > select ratio as default launcher (in your mobile)


Yes, I think you’ev explained it better. Thanks

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here you go @farcryargus

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I think Blloc should work towards fixing the root cause instead of users finding a workarounds like compromising on security. Even after receiving the invite, this gave me second thoughts about the security aspects of this application.

They are official on the MSFT side and Appstore side. It is on Apple and MSFT to update their licenses. Thanks for understanding

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There is this thing with Apple that they need to make a contract with Blloc to give them an identified developer status. There could be some process hiccups that they will eventually overcome. As of now this is the way. Allowing an unidentified developer app isn’t compromising on security. Turning off Gate keeper would be that. We do not need to turnoff gatekeeper to run Blloc desk.

That is entirely different concept and I can explain it only if you want to know how these things work.

Oh I understand. Yes, I would like to understand about this concept. Maybe you can pass some references.