Locksreen wallpaper

Hi all,

Does someone know how to change lockscreen wallpaper in Ratio?


Usually when talking about your phone’s own lock screen wallpaper, Ratio doesn’t exactly control that. To change that, you need to look into your phone’s lock screen settings (or the like, it differs by manufacturer) and change your lock screen wallpaper from there.

The only thing regarding wallpapers that you can change is Ratio’s internal wallpapers, used when Ratio is in both light and dark mode. This will be used by Ratio to show as the background in Ratio only.

I hope this helps with your question!

Hi there.

When you change wallpaper through ratio
Do not apply to system.

Check the image.
There are two options under the wallpaper section.
Do not apply them.

To apply on lock screen a different wallpaper , go to gallery and apply directly any wallpaper as lock screen.

Check this

Yes, I tried with apply wallpaper option and it worked. although I had to choose wallpaper and locksreen option. And then choose wallpaper only option to set it for lockscreen. It’s strange that wallpaper & lockscreen option didn’t work.

My idea is that I wanted the ratio wallpaper for both as launcher background and for lockscreen as well

Then you can choose that two options under the wallpaper section.

Apply light wallpaper to system
Apply dark wallpaper to system and select wallpaper and lockscreen.

Here working fine for me.

Ratio currently does not support automatic wallpaper switching so you will have to hit apply every time you change Ratio’s background. Feel free to put your suggestions in the wishlist~

Thanks a lot guys, For the immediate help, Using Ratio for a day, it’s awesome, exploring and learning more and more

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