Lock Screen problem

i installed Ratio4 yesterday and i love this so far and it looks it has more that i have just noticed so far.
But i can not make Ratio to overtake my Lock Screen and be the main app as a Lock sreen
I have a Sony Xperia 10 II
maybe i ma missing an option that i am not activating or something
your help would be much appreciated

Hi, welcome to the community :slight_smile:

You haven’t overlooked any option so don’t worry.
Ratio won’t replace your lock screen, it will overlay your default lock screen if you have pinned the Notes card (tap the edge of the notes card to get options to pin the Notes card) there or if you’ve set a timer.

The devs may implement a version to overtake your lock screen but if they were to do that, it would be in the future a bit as they first streamline the core elements of Ratio.

Hope this helps you out,
Again welcome :slight_smile:

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Thanks for you reply
I really like this.
Is the most closest thing to how i imagined my home screen and icons and all of the things
If there ia a place to write some suggestions and to give the customer review it would be great
Appreciate your big work guys
Keep going

Credit goes to the devs,
I’m just a user like you :slightly_smiling_face:. (Only been around a little longer).

As for feedback on Ratio4 there the mega thread feedback here

And for feature requests or ideas, there is the Wishlist here