List of modifications and app behavior

Hello, were can I find a detailed list of what the launcher changes on my device (I saw that for instance the YouTube interface changes if I have the “launcher” installed), moreover, I would like to know which informations are being shared from my device.
Also, I’ve noticed a change of behavior in other apps, and since I don’t have a list of what has been changed I can’t know if it’s a bug or it’s intended.

So as to know what Ratio applies to your device, watch these

To know what information is being shared? Ratio as of now doesn’t collect user data.

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This doesn’t really explain why YouTube UI changed after installing Ratio, does it?

Ratio doesn’t change Youtube UI.

Have you checked update change log for YouTube on play store?

Or if you’re saying Youtube turned Greyscale after installing Ratio, It should’ve happened to multiple apps and that Ratio does.

What ui changes are you talking about?can you elaborate on that a bit?

Yeah I thought that was weird too, but I even uninstalled ratio to see if the changes would go away and they did, it got back to his original state.
To show you, I reinstalled it and took a screenshot before and after, no YouTube update have been done.

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This could be changed in the YouTube accessibility…fyi…ratio should not be able to change the ui of any app…i dont know thats happening…

That is because of accessibility settings, not a UI change tho! You need to close it by using the “x” on top right manually.

These options would come if you touch screen while video is playing. Due to accessibility settings YouTube thinks there’s a touch action.

I still don’t understand why or how installing Ratio changed YouTube accessibility settings. This is exactly why I’m asking for a complete list of changes.

We can’t list out all the components Ratio effects on Android! It’ll not be practically possible.

Accessibility settings allowed Ratio to display monochrome layer over other apps and probably that is causing this.

Also the unintended change of the volume UI controls: