List of Bugs/Suggestions?

Thanks Dev for all the great work on Ratio, with 3.1.7 its coming along very nicely.
OnePlus7T Pro, Verison 3.1.7:10

  1. If i move an app out of AppBox from “hold tile end release”, App Box drawer remains there even after moving all apps out out,
    1a) Removing App Box drawer proves a little difficult at times (Please see gif)

  2. Restarting phone resets Ratio settings, including but not limited to:

  • Backgronud Opacity

  • Faster animation toggle

  • All Tile Icons changes

  • Closed drawers remains as toggled on (White) instead of darkened

    2a) Suggestion: customizable icon from other icon packs, turn them into B/W maybe? (i use whitcon + my custom B/W png icons)

    2b) Suggestion: If swipe down on tile sceren is closing and opening drawers, could swipe up be opening all drawers regardless if they are close or not?

  1. Night mode is completely disabled?

For suggestion 2b) it is already implemented
You just have to swipe and hold. Try that it will work.
:slight_smile: @Diddian

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