List of Bugs Found using Pixel 4

What is the official method of reporting bugs?

When I press sun mode (latest ratio version and prior) only the nav bar turns white but not the rest of the UI.

Also when trying to install Ratio using Bllocdesk, nothing happened after downloading the launcher. I had enabled permissions on my phone, USB debugging etc… I had to transfer the 3 files manually to my device to install.


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More bugs…

Even after enabling access for color mode functionality on system level, apps that I set to be grey scale still appear in colour. In other words, everything is still full color.

Issues loading content when using custom news sources. Some sort of clear text error in ratio browser when loading an article from BBC news via Root.

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Hi @leejar, thanks for you feedback!
Can you clarify “latest version” please ?

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I also had an issue with getting Spotify working on the root screen. It would pop up a window to sign in to Spotify and would automatically close it. It was stuck in a loop for a while but I got it working by spamming my screen. I don’t know if this is a Pixel 4 related bug or if it is happening for everybody.

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This one is also an issue on Pixel 4

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No problem. Using 3.1.6.

There are issues with multitasking, apps don’t show on multitask overlay.

Increasing or decreasing Background Opacity from Ratio Settings doesn’t change anything except the settings screen background becomes completely transparent for 3 seconds. Is this a bug?

versionName: 3.1.6
versionCode: 30106
build time ms: 1588164896607
build date hr: 2020-04-29T12:54:56.607Z
variant: ratioRelease
cp vers: :5
debug: false
model: Pixel 4 XL

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I am also facing similar issue. It turns only my nav bar background to white and no change in drawer or tiles when setting into :sunny: sun mode. And focus mode also not working. When I set focus mode it’s not working but it will set dark nav bar from white which was set by sun mode issue.

Error page loading I am facing it 3.1.6 but not all the time I just seen only once but I never faced it in 3.1.7

@leejar please look into this for error loading page. I think it’s resolved in latest update.