Light Dark Wallpaper Modes


Hi All,
Is it me, am I missing something or is there no discernable difference between light and dark wallpaper modes, well none I can see anyway.
As there are two seperate modes Wouldn’t it make better use of this to have one for use with dark wallpapers and the other for use with light wallpapers which is what is implied but not actually implemented.

What I propose is below.

Dark Mode:
Charcoal Grey Root widgets backgrounds with White fonts.
Charcoal Grey Tree background with White fonts.
Tiles as now with White Fonts.
White drawer fonts.

Light Mode:
Light Grey Root widgets backgrounds with Charcoal Grey fonts.
Light Grey Tree background with Charcoal Grey fonts.
Tiles as now with Charcoal Grey fonts.
Charcoal Grey drawer fonts.

Basically dark wallpapers would use a White font theme and light wallpapers would use a dark font theme, seems to make sense to me, what do you think ?

NB. Apologises if I have posted in the incorrect place or have double posted but if I have double posted then that to me just shows the strength of feeling regarding this feature request.


Hi, solid ideas mate :+1:

About the difference in modes though.
It is there, but very very very very very subtle. The best way to notice is testing out the default wallpapers.

  • In the Drawers, each mode makes slight changes to the tiles to make them visible where there is a light or dark wallpaper.

  • In Root, you can tell the differences in cards such as the calendar card as well as those little time stamps at the corner of cards.

  • In the Tree, you can notice the differences when you look at the conversation bubble and I think time stamps.

However, your idea of more pronounced differences is definitely worth taking a look at. Maybe the devs will consider this in future updates


True, that why we cant use custom light wallpapers, if we do so we cant see anything. :frowning:
I think font color need to change automatically according to the wallpaper for a better contrast.


Thank you black for the comprehensive explanation.
Armed with this new information I decided to dig a bit deeper into the Ratio settings and can now see the differences so thank you for pointing them out.
I discovered with the light wallpaper applied, the Whicons icon theme and bright mode set for the tiles I can acheive an appearance closer to what I wanted.


Same problem here. with light custom wallpapers everything is simply unreadable.