Let the community vote for your roadmap

You all have been doing an amazing job!

Can you please create a poll/voting mechanism where the community can help you decide on what feature to work on next? This would expose everyone to the progress you are making while engaging also!

We’re having these to vote. Roadmap is for the devs to let us know what they’re working on. They will take feedback from user posts and implement them in the roadmap.

We also have a feature request poll going on in the discord channel wherein highly voted will be communicated to devs on a weekly basis
If you like to Join us, https://discord.gg/NQsebp

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Thanks, joining the discord chat now :slight_smile:

I’m joining the discord :slight_smile:

Messaging app within the tile would be great!
Or click to expand (but within the tile rather opening up the app) would be of great feature!

Hi. Welcome to the community.
Ratio is coming up with a tree panel in the future update which will be kind of a messaging hub.

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