Laundry List of Issues with Ratio

Hello all. I am new to the Blloc community and started trying out Ratio yesterday. Since Ive had some time with it there are a lot of positive things I can say about it, but there are some issues prohibit me from using it as my ‘daily driver’ as I’d like to. To start, I am on a Pixel 4XL.

  • Color Correction This is an annoying issue. Ratio asserts itself in correcting colors, making the display unnatural and blowing out the contrast. I normally have the display set to natural colors and sRGB enabled. Ive tried turning this off in ratio, but when I go to disable the color service called “Color Mode”, It crashes ratio and temporarily removes it as the home app (going back to pixel launcher, which will bring me to my next issue). When I reopen Ratio, it reasserts itself with the blown out contrast.

  • Crashing of Ratio When Ratio crashes, for whatever reason, it does not automatically reopen. It instead temporarily removes itself as the default home app, allowing me to use gesture navigation (stock with stock recents). When I reopen Ratio, it resets itself as the default home app.

  • Gesture Navigation For some reason, I am not able to go into the multitasking or swipe up to go home. I believe I was able to at some point, but it stopped working, leaving the swipe to go back gesture the only way I can return to Ratio and prohibiting me from keeping multiple apps open at the same time.

That is it for the critical, experience breaking issues. Now on to the more minor one.

  • Qwant Cards The cards dont vertically resize for longer search queries, causing the imputed text to extend beyond the border of the card.

Suggestions- These are just my opinion, nothing that directly needs fixing.

  • There should be a better way to integrate multitasking, it seemed odd when normal gestures were working,
  • Ratio should attempt to integrate google assistant (at least slightly) instead of blocking it by default. Assistant is a great feature of android that helps it stand apart.
  • I think that when you search from the main screen, you should be able to long press and drag it to add it to an app drawer. You can still ‘edit’ it by long pressing and releasing.

Overall, I think Ratio has massive potential and I cant wait to use it again assuming these issues are fixed. Thanks everyone for reading and considering.

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