Lack of Active Edge, "Hey google" or any Google Assistant functionality

I just installed ratio on my google pixel 3 and I really liked it, but I have noticed that the default assistant is ratio, and I cannot use any google functionality, it is a shame since it is a feature on my phone that I use all the time, will there be support in the future?

I too am looking to have Google Now “Hey Google” available. this is a big drawback and could keep me from using Ratio

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There is already support. Please refer to the Ratio settings and untoggle use ratio as assistant. Please look at the video for new users. Thank you @nponthier @sebas6692

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Hi @jbriones95! Even when I disable ratio and select google as a predefined assistant it doesn’t work, and it still points to ratio as the predefined assistant app. Active Edge doesn’t work either, at least on my Pixel 3. Could you please give me a link to the new users video? Thanks!.

@sebas6692 New users (please read this first!)

Go to the top!

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Did you switch off “Use Ratio as the assistant app” in Ratio Settings -> General ? That’s not in the system settings but in Ratio itself.


@jbriones95 @olivier, thank you both!!

hello! great product btw! Just using it for the first time and went through the intro video :slight_smile:

Squeeze for Google Assistant is fine but I can not figure out how to call up my assistant via voice? I use voice for bike rides and general reminders. Is this possible or in the works?


Ignore me, I restarted my phone and I think it’s working again :slight_smile:

Loving the look and simplicity so far