Keybaord malfunctiong in Root? - OnePlus 7T Pro

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Not so sure what happened but whenever i typed in note sometimes this happens…

It’s a bug. It also happens on my Pixel 4. When I reset Ratio, I can type and it goes back to normal

#betalife :slight_smile:

Hi guys thanks a lot for the feedback!

Fully aware about the first one (with the settings) and this should be fixed soon.

About the second one in the Notes though, I’ve never seen that happening. Does that happen systematically ? Is Ratio paired with Bllocdesk when that happens ?

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Ratio was paired to Bllocdesk
I have never encounter such problems while disconnected and I tried it again just now and it was not malfunctioning… 🤦

Ok thanks for the info, I’ll try to replicate, please tell us again if this happens.

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