Keeps asking for App usage access I Google Pixel 4

it keeps asking for app usage access again and again even i turned on all permissions on for it.
i tried resetting my device but still same thing happening. and i reset my device aswell but it still exist. after resetting now m facing invalid key issue it works on BllocDesk but not on device.

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Try checking the “Don’t remind me again” box. That should do the trick.

yeah i works that way. i was just letting know if theres anything isn’t working bcz of this that i did’t noticed.

When reinstalling ratio this morning on a freshly wiped Pixel, I got the same popup so it’s not just you. I hope the Blloc team give us access to a bug tracker tool for reporting bugs like these…

are you facing blank home screen issue aswell?
is there any community app too use this or not?