JavaScript error occured - Installation issue on OnePlus7TPro

Had this message popping up and have no idea what to do.

Turned off VPN and retried, it bounced me back out and now my verification code doesn’t even work.

Mac OS 10.15.4, OnePlus 7T Pro


I am clearly not the only one experiecing this…

Dev? I have currently requested another code but this is… a bit annoying,

Hello Diddian,
sorry for the late reply, can you “Upload logs” by clicking on Help menu > Upload logs
this way we can read the logs and hopefully solve your problem.

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Uploaded logs. All the best to crawling through them!
Thanks in advance for the fix. Looking forward to support.

latest update (20 April) has fixed it and i could install Ratio! Thanks!

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issue still happening with me with latest version of bllocdesk downloaded just now. Using OnePlus 7 Pro in macOS 10.15.4

Done uploading the logs.

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