Java Script Error (P20 Lite)

I just downloaded the BllocDesk App to install Ratio Pro on my phone. I followed the instructions but as soon as I allowed debugging on my phone for this PC, BllocDesk gave me a giant Java Script error. Which kept reapearing after pressing OK. I had to force quit Blloc Desk with Task Manager after than (unless I disconnected my Phone fast enough).
It also comes directly after resarting, if my phone is connected in debug mode…

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open BllocDesk
  2. Go to “Install”
  3. Go to the step “connect device” and connect device
  4. Press “allow this computer” on device


  1. Have Phone with debug on connected
  2. Open BllocDesk

Device: Huawei P20 Lite (newest version)
Ratio version: N/A
Blloc Desk version: 0.8.1


I’m facing the exact same problem!