It doesn't support android 10's gestures

it doesn’t support android 10’s gestures.

Describe your issue properly, Mention device used and ways to trigger your issue. Only then we can help you / devs can take in a bug report

I’m using Xiaomi Mi A3 Android One device. when I’m setting Ratio as default launcher, the Android 10 Gestures are not working/compatible. its showing that Ratio doesn’t support gestures.
if the gestures are supported. Ratio is going to be my default launcher.
and also, is it possible to stop that black and white social app setting?

Xiaomi is not supported… thats why you are facing these issues…try reinstalling ratio and see if it works

tried. still not working.

Post this in the unsupported devices section along with some screen recordings…

Mi A3 is currently unsupported. Post the required info as per template in unsupported devices sub-forum and it might be improved

It’s not about unsupported no custom launcher supports android 10 gestures without quick switch integration which requires a rooted device. It would be great to see that implementation.

@samarthkalra895 Pixel devices are able to use it.

While installing via bloc desk ratio gets all necessary root privileges without having to root your device.

You will know how this works if you’re into rooting and things. Wide known example is Andromeda aka rootless substratum

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Yeah adb does grant some permissions but it’s nowhere close to root. And fyi Andromeda only works on Oreo there’s a reason for that.