Issues On Galaxy Note 10+

Device brand and model:

Galaxy Note 10+

Ratio version:


Galaxy Note 10+

One UI Version: 2.1
Android 10
Kernel 4.14.113-18246528

I can install it from the Blloc Services App. Unfortunately, I cannot do it from the Desktop program because even if I tap the verification code. The program responds: Not device supported.

Problems encountered when using ratio:

Background Wallpaper is not present.
Cannot change tile Colors because the feature is not supported because Ratio doesn’t have the right permissions to use this feature.


This is because Samsung devices are yet to be officially supported. But once you are past the warning, it starts installation. Many people have done it that way. Give it a try.

Ratio launcher is more minimalist and focused on wellbeing. That is why you see the completely blacked out background. It reduces distractions.
You can still change the opacity of the background in the ratio settings. But it won’t be completely transparent.

You can change tile color to marker, dark highlight, bright highlight and default.
The color mode on other hand, doesn’t work in the ratio lite, which you have installed via the blloc services. The permissions are given via a laptop connection and only ratio pro has that feature.

I hope you I have answered your doubts. If you have c any our doubt, feel free to ask in this thread. Also, many such doubts have been answered earlier. You can search and read the existing threads and the answers.

Hi. Thanks four your kindly answers but I’m already stuck at this point.

I’ve made an invitation code reset but does not work.
Any Help?