Issue with icon

Hi,I don’t know what happened,but it seems my whitcons not working properly, is this is bug or there is a fix?(My phone is Xiaomi Mi 9T pro)


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Did you try restarting ratio?

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Yes, several time, and I have installed the latest version and restart my phone after that, but the problem remains.

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Try to force stop in app settings and then restart. I tried and it worked

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Tried that, I have also cleared the app’s data and also cache, still not working.

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Try using that restart button


Tried that as well, but still no use.

Update: Apparently the icon (sadly not line or whicons) work if I applied change icon and restart Ratio. Hope bug fix coming soon.

Uninstall icon packs, clear cache of ratio, now install and apply.

Look like the new update fixed that.