Issue while installing ratio

I was trying to install ration via blloc desk and I am stuck at the installation process screen. I am not able to find any button to click and start the installation process. Has anyone faced this and is there any possibility to get around this.

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Same. I’m on a Mac. No solution. Any ideas?

I tried with two different pc’s the issue is persistent.

Same here I got the email today I was super excited to install it but it has been quite disappointing to be honest i have tried many times and it ends on that screen and somehow when i open the block desk I get a warning message saying unfortunately we don’t support one plus 7pro at moment which is very confusing because as far as I know one plus 7 pro and pixel were the first ones to be supported this all is after waiting 3 good weeks to get an invite😔

Same Here … tried and tried and now checking whose facing same issue… funny issue but a serious issue… some one from Ratio Team should check this out…