Is there a list of system settings that were modified during the instalation?

I really didn’t like how a bunch of my system settings were modified without a notification or log. Can I please get a list of stuff that was affected during installation?

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There is nothing affected or impacted to your android system. Ratio has permission manager in it’s settings. Please visit there to see what access it has for what it uses.

You will get a clear picture

First thing you notice is faster animation. That you can easily turn off in ratio settings tiles section

The default assistant and animation speeds surely isn’t “nothing”. That’s exactly why I would prefer a written list of things that were affected during the installation.

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Visit permission manager please

I am not talking about app permissions, I am talking about system settings that were modified when I installed this launcher.

App permission also used for changing system settings and some features in ratio.

No settings is enabled until you gave permission to ratio. You accepted all terms and conditions when you installed. Please visit once again there. You will get answers for your question

And by the way @st0waway welcome to the community

We clearly don’t understand each other. Imagine, that I have uninstalled this app, I will be left with nothing selected as my default assistant, changed animation speeds and god knows what else. The lack of information about things that were changed is what bothers me, and that’s exactly why I would like to see a list of things that a default installation using BllocDesk makes.

When you do that all permission will be revoked. It’s just adb commands that running bllocdesk to write or say give permission that will run in the background or android optimizing technic will not close so the features will be continued without any problem

Yes, the permissions will be revoked, but the actual android settings won’t go back to their default values.

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That’s only animation settings most probably I noticed. I uninstalled 4 times. I mentioned this first. You can turn off this before uninstall

There’s also the default assistant, so you’re already wrong in your assumption about “only animation”.

If the app is not there it will automatically take or change to google. If you found any system settings that is still there after uninstalling ratio please post it here. If I don’t know I will tag moderators to better assist with your problem

It changed to none on the Huawei P30 Pro.

That’s exactly why I asked about a list of settings affected by the installation in the first place.

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Oh. Most probably only that two. Anyway you don’t have other settings that still not changed right. I am also using Honor play.

P30 Pro without Google right. How you have Google Apps in that phone. Curiosity

I’ll need a list of stuff that the app changes during the installation to check that out.

It was the last Huawei flagship with google services. :slight_smile:

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Add color correction on Samsung devices to that list it doesn’t change that back. And yes a list of what the app changes would be nice.


Hey there!

Not sure if this helps, but since the recent update (v3.2.3+), Ratio has introduced a manager to manage the permissions you’ve granted to Ratio. However, reading the thread, I see that you’re more concerned about additional, hidden changes. Don’t worry!

First off, uninstalling Ratio would already revert most settings. The rest can be found under ‘Developer options’ in your phone’s native Settings app. By disabling the options (toggling the switch), Android will reset everything back to default - that means that colour controls are reset back to default and USB debugging is reset to be disabled. Hope this helps!

I do see your point about having a place where all permissions and settings were amended are listed - it can definitely help! I’d like to point you to the Wishlist thread, in that case, to suggest your idea.