Is Ratio secure?

What does the desktop program do to the telephone?
I need root access or have i mod my telephone before?
What permission it asks?
How can I eventually uninstall ratio from my telephone?
It’s free or it will have a subscription?

Sorry for all the questions but I am new and I have a lot of doubts.

Thank you

Hey @megaman00925

Ratio is secure. I’ve been a long time customer since the Zero18 phone and I can assure you of their privacy first philosophy!

  1. The Bllocdesk program is used in order to install the application with developer permissions
  2. You do not need root access. You do need developer settings enabled
  3. It asks for monochrome, animation, notification, and some extra ones to make the root app works. Please refer to the installation process to see all of the permissions
  4. You can uninstall like any other app: Just press uninstall and that’s it :slight_smile:
  5. It is free at the moment. All Beta testers get it for free and will get the first year for free. We do not know yet if it will be subscription based or one time payment.

Thanks for asking, your contributions are welcomed!