Invite code not working

Good afternoon, I received an invite code via email but when I connect my phone in the Blloc ratio desktop application it’s says invalid code. I’m not sure what to do at this point.


They’ll get you another one soon. Just hold tight :slight_smile:

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Thank you, hopefully this code works.

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Hi @ernestmoore23 please check your private messages, I’ll send you a new code now.


Hey Ismael, I cant update the Ratio Launcher through my Biloc Desk App. the invite code is not working, Appreciate your help. Cheers

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Hey @Ismael,

Same thing here! I got the code via email today but got the same exact error.

Let me know if I need to send you anything more for you to be able to find my account.



@Ismael same for me. Got an invite today but shows “code not found or assigned to another phone” on the desktop App

License key is not working here either. Also, when trying to link my smartphone (pixel 3a) to my laptop, I received a notification that my device was not yet available for connection to the desktop app.

Really looking forward to hooking up to Ratio!

Judging by the amount of post appearing every minute about this, seems like a fair share of people’s invitation code aren’t working. Mine included. Hoping to get a working one soon! Really looking forward using Ratio.

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Just tried to send myself a new code website says my email and verification code don’t match

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@luis.chairez12 It will take some time. Sorry for the inconvenience. This happened 2 weeks ago when new users were invited. It takes some time for the codes to authenticate on the server side. Thanks for being patient!

I got my code yesterday and tried installing Ratio Pro however it is shown as invalid or used by another phone every time, I tried rebooting the system but it didn’t work. Then I checked the community page and found a link to reset my code “VmlTaMlip” but my email and code did not match.
I’m really exited to use Ratio but I’m stuck here
Please help Please check that thread. Thank you!

Hi @Ismael,

The same thing happened to me also. I got the code via email today but i too got the same error saying “No valid license key found on this device”.

Hi I am also facing the same problem while entering the code. Can someone please help me too?

I checked that thread and according to the thread I sent an email to the Id. I did get a reply and they told me the problem was solved. However I’m still facing the same problem. The code is invalid and I can’t reset it.

Can send me a new code mine also not working

@gyatso735 why is it not working. Can you please provide more information. Did you install Live vs Pro. Has it never worked. Let us know. Thank you.

I tried resetting my code through [[ ] and got a new code generated. I tried again using the Blloc desktop app and it installed successfully. Maybe you can try this option and have a check.