Invite code not working for Ratio Pro

I’ve got invite code a week ago. First i have installed light version through my mobile, it’s working fine and now i just wanted to install pro version through PC but it’s showing “code is assigned to another Phone” what to do now???

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Reset the code


Okay. I’ve got a verification code and been to the members page but none of my emails is working… What can I do?

Only invite code is needed to install ratio. Email for community page.

Hey @freyjasasi… Sorry, but I can’t keep up with you right now.
Situation: I got a verification code from Adham back then and I already was able to install Ratio on my OnePlus 7T some months ago but removed it, because of some issues that were occuring in gestures… Now I wanted to re-install Ratio and can’t get further than the „Enter verification code“-page… It doesn’t accept my verification code. Adham also told me, I should go to and reset it by myself(?). Problem is, I can’t log in because noen of my possible email adresses is working… So I’m a little stuck in here…
And ideas?

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Try get ratio link in your first email to get new code. I don’t know any other way.

Here :slight_smile:
You can ask for a new code.

Hey everyone… After some mails I’m back, up and running… I had a verification code from an early alpha or maybe beta version before it went public. So I thought I could still use this one. Got in contact with Sylvia at the Blloc team and she cleared everything up. So I just needed to sign up for a „regular“ invitation, got my code and now everything works fine. And logging into the also works flawless now. Thanks everyone who helped me out with that… Now Ratio is my preferred Launcher on my OnePlus 7T and it really feels good to have this minimalistic UI also on this device… :slight_smile:

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