Invitation to community

Hi you invited me to the community :slight_smile: but you did not send me activation or invitation code :thinking:

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Hi @mamdouh.alkerdi

Welcome to the community

Please check other email folders.

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did you got the code ?

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yes i dot it thanks so much :smiley:

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I also got an invite to the community but haven’t received my activation code yet. Can you please help?

@prasadshahane welcome to the community.

Did you checked all other email folders ? It will the there. mail from blloc inc

You invited me to the community as well but I haven’t received the code yet. I’ve searched in my mail box already.

Oh. But I didn’t send any invite. New users will get code every release. Please wait as new release in it’s last stretch in release phase I guess. Please wait for it

Oh but I’m not new. I registered long ago. I might have received the code but somehow lost it.

Try writing the support and explain your case. They should know whether you were send a code.

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Thank you. I’ll try it.