Invalid Verification Code

I’ve followed the instructions on BllocDesk but for some reason it shows up with the following error code on the Pixel 4XL:

No valid license key found on this device.
Please enter verification code.

I have entered the verification code provided by email. Clicked on Verify. Still nothing.

What am I doing wrong?

Maybe it’s updating on their servers. Give it some time. Don’t give up!! If anything reinstall :slight_smile:

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Hi @darcus,
as @jbriones95 said, please wait for a few minutes, the servers are quite busy right now indeed with this wave of new users.
A reinstall won’t solve the issue though.
Thanks for your patience.


Thanks for clarifying. I’ll make sure to give this feedback to others :slight_smile:


The installation proceeds as normal on BllocDesk.

I assume the app verifies with the servers whilst it’s installing on the phone?

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Yep! It does. This is to make sure it’s installed properly :slight_smile:

I’ve been trying to get this to install but I keep getting the same error on the phone.

What am I doing wrong?

OK, I’ve been trying all night to get this working, with no success.

It comes back with the same error message on the phone.

BllocDesktop says it has been installed successfully. But then the license does not activate on the device.

There is something wrong here - I am sure the servers weren’t busy for nearly 24 hours to make my code invalid. If they were, then you need to do something about your server capacity.

Please issue me a replacement code - I think that is the one thing that needs to be tried out.

I’m having the same issue, won’t pass from the verification code window, no matter how much I put the code from the email (Im on a P4XL)

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I’ll ping @olivier here. Since you have been waiting for a while, lets try to resolve it :slight_smile:

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Hi @jbriones95, I received a DM with a code from @adham but that is worse and states that the code does not exist or belongs to another phone from within BllocDesk and doesn’t get as far as installing the app on the phone…

Is there an issue with the Pixel 4XL?

I am seeing the same issue as OP (on OP7P), and having no luck with any of the workarounds.

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If you have installed it recently on your phone then I will suggest you to wait for a day. I had the same problem and now the code is verified.

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Do you suggest leaving it on the phone and then how do I go back to Ratio? There is no app, in the app drawer, it’s hidden.

I’ve been trying since 29th April.

It seems to fail around the time it’s sending some sort of license verification information to Blloc’s servers.

If the phone is put in airplane mode, then I get an Unable to resolve host error:

Which implies that this is a server side issue with my license.

I’ve had my license reset multiple times by admin.

This has not worked.

This issue needs to be resolved in beta before it’s publicly released.

You can set ratio as a launcher in settings, apps, default apps than launcher you can select ratio. I never faced any issue in code verification. It works fine and looks no issues with the server.

For you must be server side issue. As i can see the community has more interaction in last 7 days. So many users and server can’t handle it. Please wait for sometime. Definitely Dev will improve this. Please be patience. @darcus


I did that, but then it doesn’t get past the license verification failed screen.

I launched the app through settings and that allowed me to try code re-entry. The license still failed.

Thanks for the heads up.


as @freyjasasi has mentioned it, maybe its from the server side so being patient for a while will help and if the license still fails, contacting the devs directly will be a good option.

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I’ve been patient since invite day.

Devs have reset my license multiple times.

Beyond that, they’ve not done anything else.