Integration of Google Feed

I’m porting over from Lawnchair Launcher on my Oneplus 7T Pro McLaren. I was wondering if an intergration of the google feed can be done so on the launcher?

Perhaps swiping right on the app drawers since there isn’t an function right now?


Untill now there is no such provision for Google feed on Ratio but it might be added in the future updates.
Tree is not yet supported as Ratio would need system wide permissions for that… But they re planning on a better way to read notifications and give us the same experience as tree :slight_smile:
Keep enjoying Ratio and wait for the best till then.
Hustle up :fire:


Just like you I´m porting over from Lawnchair Launcher. :nerd_face: I would highly appreciate it when google feed would be supported.

For the time without google feed you can see it as an opportunity to get less distracted. :sweat_smile:

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Haha, I completely understand. Ratio is designed in such a way that you get less distractions by your cell phone and spend more time in the real world without missing any impotant notifications.
Stay tuned. The developers are working hard on it to make it the perfect launcher for your device.
Happy Ratioing. :grin: