Installing Pro on my device

I have installed Lite version. Now I want to go Pro please guide me steps

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Hey @Arpit12, welcome!

To install Ratio Pro, you’ll need to retrieve the e-mail you received for your invitation to use Ratio. From there, follow the instructions to install BllocDesk on a computer and install Pro on your phone.

Do let us know if you need more guidance! There are guides out here which may serve to help, too!

If you’d like, check out the new users guide for commonly-asked questions:

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First uninstall the lite version .Then download the blloc desk from
And then follow the instructions given the the software .

P.S. Considering you have got a invitation code.

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Thank You all for replying I successfully install the Pro version. I can change colours and Blloc shows me 1 year license. Where is a tree? there is tile, root but I cannot see tree

The tree hasn’t been released yet

The tree isnt released yet but rest assured the developers are working on it and it will be released within the next few updates .

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