Installing Blloc Ratio

Hello, I tried to install Blloc Ratio on my Z18 using BllocDesk but I cannot proceed with Step 3 because it cannot detect the USB connection to my phone. I tried debugging and follow the troubleshooting instructions but still cannot proceed.

Please help.


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Ratio is for other Androids NOT the Z18. If you want updates on the Z18, go to the Z18 tab :slight_smile:


Hi @zyden, as @jbriones95 said, Ratio is meant for non-Zero18 phones.
There would be no advantage in installing in on your Zero 18 as for now it is a subset of BllocMode with less features.

@olivier is Zero18 only works for Blloc phones. Any chance if it can be installed on other android phones, with root obviously.

I have an year old nokia and samsung phone.

Hi guys, is ratio available for any other phones or need special dev for each phone/model ?

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Hi @yvangherman, for now we’re only supporting the latest OnePlus (starting from OnePlus 7 Pro) and Pixel 4 (and 4 XL).
We’re going to slowly add other devices for this list but each new device potentially requires changes, mainly in details of the UI, that’s why for now this list is very limited.


Thanks for the news, i think that last huawei google free is a good model to work with :slight_smile:

Do you have an idea when we could epect this brand??


When can phone brands like Infinix be able to install ratio app?

@elomvalentine If you have Android 8.1 and the right chipset, you can install Ratio light.

First of all thanks for the invitation. I got it yesterday. Tried to install the Ratio Pro through PC running on Windows 7 on Oneplus 7T. But was unable to do it as on step 3 a message with error Installing popped & the device Oneplus 7T not supported appeared. Phone running on the latest stable version. Right now installed the light version to get acquainted with the Launcher.

@vishwaroopbasak This is an old issue that happens sometimes when there is a different device version or variant of the OnePlus 7T, can you please add a screenshot of your device’s about page. There is a number there that devs need to make sure that everything works in your specific device. If you can, also include a screenshot of the error you are encountering in Bllocdesk. Thank you!

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Thanks for the response.

Could you please take a look.

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@VB1 What version of Blloc desk are you using btw?

I’ll pass it to the devs so they can investigate :slight_smile:

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Its 0.7.9 i guess. Thanks a lot.

Thank you for your invitation. Now i’m going to install it on my One Plus device…:grinning:

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What kind of chipset is required? And how can I install it?

It all depends. Sometimes the architecture doesn’t allow it like in Galaxy A10 devices, but if you have a supported device, it does not matter the architecture. If you have an unsupported device with Android 8.1 you should generally be ok, unless its the wrong architecture, make sure to try installing via the link you got on your email :smiley:

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Ok. The device I am using is an Infinix S4 operating on Android 9. That should work for it right?

It should. Make sure to check and report if it doesn’t install. Let us know.

Ok. Thank you.