Installation successfull but nothing appears on the phone

Hi, i installed Ratio Pro successfully on my OnePlus 7t Pro but then i uninstalled it. Now when i try to reinstall it, everything goes right until it says “Installation successful, now Blloc is syncing with your phone, make sure to have a WiFi connection, bla bla…”. It stays on this page for a couple of seconds and then gets back to the first step of the installation process. After all this, nothing has been installed on the phone (unlike the first time i tried). Is this an issue i can solve or do i have to wait for a fix? Thanks for the help.

This video shows clearly what’s happening.

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Please post a screenshot!

I recorded the installation process and updated the post.

Exactly the same issue with my OnePlus 7T.

It says installation successful but nothing found in my device. I tried searching on the application list as well. Nothing appeared.

To add, I also installed Blloc Ratio a few days back and then uninstalled. I went ahead to try the launcher again today again but having this issue now.

This is known to happen if you have multiple user profiles. You need to uninstall Ratio from all the user profiles before you can install it again. Else, blloc desk mistakes it is installed and doesn’t attempt to install it again. @aniskhan001

Hi @BobbyV8, the multiple user profiles were turned off for me since the beginning. But I went ahead and turned on the guest profile now. And saw the Blloc Services and Ratio apps were still there installed for the guest profile. After uninstalled from there it’s now installed and working fine now. Thanks!