Installation of Ratio on My Oneplus 6

  1. Can I install the Ratio on my Oneplus 6 with the invitation code recieved?
  2. And will it flash the OS on my phone or will just install the apk for Ratio.
  3. How can I revert back to my old OS
  1. Technically, yes. But OnePlus 6 is not supported as of right now and it’ll have some issues
  2. It installs an apk.
  3. Just uninstall the apk
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Thanks. Will install it and give my impressions asap.

Installation Succesful on my Oneplus 6.
Few bugs expected as its not for my device.
It works great!
Will keep posting more comments while using the app!
Will try out sync and all features. Screenshot_20200427-210830|236x500

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After using for two days on my oneplus 6. I’ve noticed a significant chunck of juice had been taken by the ratio launcher. For now, I have to go back on my default launcher.thanks for letting me try this awesome launcher.

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Hey, can you help me with apk download link? I have not received it yet

@chinmayomp welcome to the community

Thanks for the hep :smile:

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