Initial Review after using it for some hours

I have been using the Blloc Ratio for a couple of hours now. Loving it extremely. The issue I face was in connecting the Desk app with my phone also couldn’t install the Ratio launcher through the Desk app. It just stayed at 100% download and didn’t do anything ahead. After installing it manually through the link the pairing between the Desk app and phone was easy. But when I tried to reconnect I faced a lot of issues such as initially it was showing that the device is offline, then showed the desk was offline, then unable to connect to server. After connecting it kept disconnecting continuously and finally I got a stable connection. For some reason the Desk app detects my phone as a OP7 pro when its just a OP7. I also found that the hexcode of the lime colour of the Launcher and Desk app where different, don’t know if its an issue with my laptop.

Blloc, you guys have done a great job and have got me hooked on the launcher. You guys should add the Blloc icon pack as the default icon pack doesn’t match the minimalist theme. I am current using the Whicons Icon Pack, it gives a clean look th the UI. But the issue I’m facing here is the this icon padk is white and when I use the Sun Mode the Icons are not visible as background becomes white.

-Pranay (OnePlus 7 not pro)

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