In term of customization and Managment

I have been using Ratio for more than 2 months and there is something missing. I do understand that the Blloc team is trying to push us away from our phone. However, is it possible to get more customization option? Especially, the color accent, my preference is Amber.

Last topic, adding app to folder has never been this difficult, I hate the drag and drop option, it is really slow and could sometime, mess up the layout. Because of that, I suggest we should add the search option when creating folder so we don’t have to spend much time drag and dropping everything.

Overall, this launcher us great and I hope to see more update! Thanks Blloc team!


Hey @Foxtrot216, welcome to the community! :wave:

I agree with your points largely. I believe that the ability to customise the accent colour has been highly requested in the community - if the team were to make this into a feature, I’m sure many will enjoy it.

I also agree with your concern about arranging apps into folders. I believe that for some people, bugs and glitches here and there also made matters worse for them. Your suggestion sounds great, perhaps you’d like to consider adding it to the wishlist?

Hope you’ll continue enjoying the Ratio experience, albeit the bumps along the way! :v:

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