Improve Ratio? - Here's my list

Hello everyone,
I’ll use this topic as a personal list of all the things that Ratio could still improve in my opionion!
Feel free to add your thoughts as well!

List of Improvements:

  • App-Drawer: Only open the qpp-drawer, when I swipe up from the bottom of the screen!
    At the moment the drawer will open to easily when scrolling down in my tiles which causes a lot of accidential drawer-openings for me
  • App-Drawer: Apply accent colors to tiles in the drawer!
    In my daily phone usage I heavily rely on the search function to open my apps, which means I will almost always search for the app I want to use. I’d love it to have the same accent-colors in the search results to help me identify my most used apps faster - this might be best implemented as an optional toggle
  • Search-Function: Make the App-Search smarter and less specific
    I feel like the current Search is too specific and doesn’t forgive any spelling mistakes. In my opinion the search should find the App called “Übersetzer” when I type “Uber…”, but currently it doesn’t (and yess I’m german ^^)
  • Root-Timer: Improve the Timer
    Currently the timer stops when I turn of my screen, which makes it kinda useless in many situations. On top I can’t seem to set up my own ringtone and it will only vibrate, when I have my phone in silent-mode (which it is in all the time ^^)
  • Root Calendar: Improve the Calendar and enable more interactions
    To me the root is like a space where I can set up my most used (ratio designed) widgets for easy access and a quick display of useful information. The current Calendar isn’t bad, but I would love one that functions a little like the widget “Month” which let’s me actually create appointments by interacting with the calendar widget. Anoterh option would be to allow us to place our own Widgets in the Root-Section as well.
  • Root-Search: Give me a search option which opens the results in my favorite browser
  • Tree-Improvements: Support more apps and read my other Post regarding the tree :smiley:
    Apps to consider: Threema, Discord, Guilded, Email

I’ll add to this List, whenever something comes up :slight_smile:

Please remember that this is supposed to be constructive critisism from my personal point of view! I really like the project and I am very impressed with the development of the launcher so far! Keep it up!