I'm not updating to Ratio 5.2.5 since it's now paywalled

I applaud Blloc for actually including this important change to a subscription membership model in the release notes, but I have no interest in paying to use this launcher. I’ve been around since the early beta stages, and to not have comped access after that feels wrong. So I’ll use my current version for as long as it still works, but I don’t need new features and I don’t want to pay in perpetuity.


Is there a way i can get a version pre paywall?
I love the launcher but I can’t pay for it lol

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Via APKMirror or other sources~

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Why not?
You feel it lacks features?

(I’m just curious, as a paying subscriber).

I feel a little conflicted about it. I think this app has potential to become amazing, but it’s not quite there yet.

For example, i can see a brief summary of how much i have used an app over the past week in the App Dashboard. This is neat, but it could grow into a whole weekly summary which could actually become useful. Imagine having a graph which summarizes where you have spent your time between app categories over the past week or month. You can actually track your habits in this way, watching your time spent in the “Time wasters” drawer decrease over the week to meet a personal goal. This is something I’d love to see.

And Conversations still needs some work imo. How it’s implemented now seems to me to be a rather hacky approach. When someone sends me a picture, i have to open WhatsApp or my SMS app to view it. At that point, it’s already failing as a service. Because once I have my app open, why would I close it to respond in the conversation? I would just send the message in the app, and now Ratio’s conversation is out of date, discouraging me from using it.

I have hope that the devs will keep improving these features, so I’m going to stick around for a year to see where it goes.


Well, that might be the core of the problem. Ratio is no “finished” product as of yet. New features are being thought about, for example the digital wellbeing features we could vote for, and “older” features like conversations are improved.

However, I don’t want to judge those who don’t want or simply can’t pay for Ratio. Still, I’d like to point out that Blloc, at the end of the day, is a company. And while I’m fully convinced that they really care for the wellbeing of their users, they somehow have to earn money to keep business going, develop new features and maintain the whole thing. And I’d rather pay them directly instead of them putting ads in the product or worse, sell my data.

That’s my two cents on the topic for what they are worth or not. :joy:


This sounds like awesome ideas for the wishlist category, go post them there! :slight_smile: