I'm a new user and know berry less about this

I’m new here and I want to know,
How to get ratio and what is the complete process to get ratio on my mobile

First go to blloc.com and then apply for ratio. Then after a few days you will receive a invitation email which will have a link to download Blloc services. Install Blloc services and then through the app you will be able to download and install Ratio.

Ihve applied and I got one mail to join this community…will I get an another mail to download services? And services should be installed on PC or mobile is enough?

You should have got two emails ,one to join the community and the other to download Ratio (if you cannot see two emails then check the spam mails). And Blloc services has to be installed on your phone.


Thank you for you response and I got only one mail and now I checked my spam nothing’s there but when I clicked on all mails I have received their invitation thanks for you help

Thank you dude. Got my community and my download.

Question answered. Topic closed.