Ideas for Ratio: Google Search Support, concentration mode, Pin improvement

Hello Blloc Community,

welcome to my first community post :wave:. I’ve been using Ration for about a month now on my Oneplus 7t pro. Here are thee Ideas for improvement.

  1. I really like being able to search my apps with the built-in search bar at the bottom of the app drawer. If it were possible to search google with this search bar that would be very practical.

  2. Ratio has been developed to make smartphone use more efficient and thoughtful. Android comes stock with a concentration mode. It blocks the use of certain apps and their Notifications.
    a) I think it would be cool to connect the Ratio concentration mode with the Android concentration mode.
    b) When the stock Android Launcher is used, Apps blockt by the concentration mode appear grey. The tiles for blockt apps should be gray or should disappear when activating the concentration mode

  3. In the tree often used widgets can be pinned to the top. To pin the user has to swipe the widget to the right and click the pin icon. On my device it is pretty hard to hit the right area of the widget and it took me a long time to figure out how to open the “pin/delete” menu

Please let me know what you are thinking of my ideas!



Awesome suggestions. I think the root pin/delete is definitely a needed improvement. Thanks for being part of the community!

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Amazing suggestions.
Yes definitely the root delete and pin can be snappy and it would give an great user interface.
Keep enjoying Root. :slight_smile: