I need to reset my verification code but can't

So everything installed properly on my phone and desktop, but I need to reset my verification code so it will work on my phone. But it keeps saying I need to verify my email but I’m not receiving the verification email. So I am not able to reset my verification code.

Also of topic, but if I don’t like this launcher can I just uninstall from my phone and go back to Google home? I won’t have to reset my phone right?

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Hello! Perhaps taking a look at the Members website (members.blloc.com) might help; however, it seems that that website has some issues right now and you may not be able to access it properly.

You’ll always have an option to uninstall Ratio, but be sure to leave some feedback (if you want to)! There’s an option in Ratio Settings which allows you to uninstall Ratio (Ratio Settings > Uninstall Ratio).

Yea I don’t think I can access the members website right now. It is saying I need to verify my email but I never got that email.

There seems to be problem in accessing the members site. Ensure that the email is typed out in the same case as the time while you signed up. (usually it’s the first letter being in caps).

Well I’m entering in my email right, but I never got the verification email.

There seems to be a problem with the site. The team is looking into it.

How will I know when it works again?

All you can do is keep visiting. If I come to know about it being fixed, I’ll ping you.

It worked for me this morning! Now this is off topic, but how can I post in the discord? I am in the discord but am unable to post in any channels. Also I have the page to the left (the root) then I have the homescreen, but isnt there supposed to be the conversations page to the right?

  1. Read the rules in discord server and assign the roles in order to post in the server.
  2. Conversation hub (Tree pane) is still under development. Coming out shortly.

Sorry, I didnt see that in discord. Thanks so much! Everything seems to be working now.

Happy to help :slight_smile: