I messed up completely

I installed ratio perfectly a week ago. (OnePlus 7)

formatted phone and tried installing again yesterday but met with a "Phone not supported " problem.

@Ismael sent a new verification code. I installed ratio in my phone but it the launcher showed device not supported again.

I uninstalled ratio app from my phone.

Tried installing ratio again now but the launcher is not even booting up after the install from bllocdesk. What should I do?

Is that what’s happening ?
[SOLVED, see first post] Empty screen when starting Ratio

I aint even getting the Ratio splash screen. And moreover I dont have the ratio app in the phone to do the fix mentioned. MY BAD SRY.

Shall I try installing after resetting the phone again @olivier.

Just don’t reset the phone again


Hey i dont think you have to reset your phone! Ratio is a launcher and won´t damang your phone.

you can always go back to your default launcher! Settings -> “apps and notifications” -> “standard apps” -> “launcher” -> “Op launcher or Pixel Launcher”

FML. I’m gone mad. I resetted and installed everything is perfect but it says “No license key found on this device”. Screw it. I really liked ratio, couldn’t wait. sry. I will wait for the public release then. :cry: :cry: :cry:

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Sad to hear. It will work and it should. Get support from Dev. You can try ratio now. Please don’t reset device everytime.

I dont think they will provide another code. The are a ton of people in the line already

I don’t think so. They will definitely support. Today I got it from @olivier saying they will add Honor play in their support list next week. So for sure they don’t just let the user who already received invite code.

Please don’t reset device so the code will work forever.

@Ismael @olivier Can I can a got for one last time?

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hey sorry but we already told you many times to not reset your phone, we can’t give you a new code if you do this every time. we share a part of the responsibility if there were issues initially but right now please just wait for an official wait to reset the codes you already have

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I really liked blloc very much. I wasn’t able to wait until u guys comment so I thought resetting may fix the issue. I’m sry. ONE LAST TIME PLEASE.

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Is your issue solved?