I have not received Ratio for my smartphone

Hi, I have not received Ratio for my smartphone Blackview BV5500 Pro.
I sent the request on 11 of April.
What can I do?


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How did you joined in the community ? you can’t join without invite. If you have the invite you can use #ratio but officially it is supported for Oneplus 7 and pixel 4 series devices not other models.

But they are going to expand #ratio to all devices in the future. Hope and wait.

Thanks for your interest.

You can invite people to the community that do not have an invite. Check your account settings.

@stefanoiacovissi You’ll have to wait. Sorry for the inconveniences. New invites are sent usually with a new release, so just hold tight. It’ll come!

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yes. but it says error to me. so think its not possible

Interesting. Maybe it’s still in the works for some.

yes. maybe. I am getting access denied. then after refresh it says error, something went wrong. so i thought its not possible for basic in trust level. not sure. just an assumption

I got an invite to the blloc community , so will this suffice to get the ratio launcher installed in my one plus 7T, if yes how do I install the blloc launcher

Hi , I got the invite to the community and may I know how can I install the launcher

@dishonvictor Please read this https://community.blloc.com/t/new-user-faq-updated-every-week/3702/5

After that, please let us know if you have received all the emails necessary

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Please follw @jbriones95 post. you will get all answers

Same here as the op. I got invite to the forums (after submitting the form in the website) but not access to the laucher? What am I suppose to do with the forum without the launcher itself? Super irritating. I have spent half an hour searching for a download button or some sort of answer to the problem and there isn’t one. Not in the FAQ, not anywhere. This is not the way invites are suppose to work. Thumbs down big time.

Did you get an invitation mail?check your inbox…spam…

Fuuuu! Now I feel stupid. I did check the spam folder but somehow it had gone straight to trash. I take back all I said :smiley: edit: But to prevent these type of problems the forum invitation email should contain information about the separate email where the invitation code is.

Alright… install and see how it works… report back if any issues found…cheers :sunglasses:

Installed the Lite version and it sayid no valid licence found on the device. After restarting the device I found the text field where I could enter the code on the message box. It has no borders, nothing. It was invisible. I would change that :slight_smile:

@jatzibui… is everything working?