I didn't get a code

First of all: Hi everyone! I’m new here.
So I installed Blloc Desk on my laptop, then tried to use that app to install Ratio on my phone. But when I got to the “enter verification code” area, I hadn’t received my code. (It’s now the next day.) So instead, I installed Ratio on my phone from my phone online, and it seems to be working just fine and I never needed to enter a code. My question is, do I still need a code? Blloc Desk still has me at the “enter verification code” step under the “install” category. Thank you in advance!

You dont need a code anymore…we have moved away from that process.

Thanks for the help!

So is it like , there is no need to have bllocdesk to upgrade to pro ?
earlier when we download the apk it used to be lite only and then we have to install using bllocdesk and provide the code to change that into pro .
since now there is no code provided ,is it like by default we have pro version only

There is no differenciation as Ratio Pro and lite for now. When the tree will be released then the version with the tree will be known as the pro version.

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