I can't download Ratio 5

I can’t find the new update in the playmarket, or even in the patchnotes.

Can someone send me APK file?

It has a lot of bugs right now. So you might wanna wait for now. I downloaded and had to clear all data in ratio and started from scratch. Don’t get me wrong it’s not a bug but I did this on my own to test and see all bugs. You can check my report if you want to then decide :slight_smile:

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Bug warning aside (thanks for sharing!), it might also take a while for Google to propagate updates. Try waiting a little while for the update to show up — it may take a day or slightly longer in some cases!

Regarding Blloc’s Updates page, it hasn’t been updated at the time of writing. Perhaps Blloc might update it soon!

They are releasing the update in small batches to avoid server overload.

Thanks, all works!)