Huawei Mate 20 Pro Occsional Animation Lag & Drawer Editing

Device brand and model:
Mate 20 Pro, LYA-29, 6/128 GB version

Ratio version: 3.2.3:27

  1. After a few minutes of use the animations in the tile of Root start lagging or have choppy animations. Most visible on weather app.
  2. When creating new drawers, I can add apps directly from one drawer to another using drag and drop but it does not create when using the editing menu

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I see you’re a manga reader, what mangas are you currently reading?

Now about your issues:

  1. As ratio is fairly new so it is not that well optimised yet, but don’t worry with future update the optimisation will be improved and the slow animations will fix up.

  2. The edit menu problem is a known issue, and the devs are working on adding a save option in the editing menu which will fix the problem of not being able to save edits in drawer apps using edit menu.