Huawei honor 8X

Device brand and model: Huawei honor 8X

Ratio version: 3.2.5

Problems encountered when using ratio: the assistant app of ratio dont work, also the message app of ratio, when we use youtube or Netflix w have some problems with the screen, and we need the 3rd page to all the notifications like the z18 to make the access easy


(Include here the required 6 screenshots of the UI. IMPORTANT: set the display and font size to default)

Hello @sohaibsinigri, welcome to the community!

I hope that your experience in Ratio, notwithstanding your issues stated here, has made a good impression on you so far. Just to clarify on your issues, do you mind explaining more?

  • What did you expect setting Ratio as the assistant app to do?
  • What problems have you encountered with YouTube and Netflix? This solution may help a little.
  • The third page that you may be referring to may be the Tree, which is a feature available on the Zero18 but not available anywhere else (for now!). If this is another suggestion apart from the Tree, you may wish to consider contributing to the wishlist!

Hope this helps, and welcome once again to the community!


Hello, so when watching YouTube or Netflix and clicking on the screen, those buttons for acceleration or changing another video or movie appear to us. Usually, when you press the screen again it disappears immediately, but with the use of the ratio it does not disappear by pressing the screen, but you have to wait until it disappears on its own. It’s annoying
But my big problem is whit message, i dont know whye ratio message don’t work, i have to use the default app to see my messages but i want to make all my phone work with ratio because i feel comfortable with it, and i hope the tree gonna be available soon, thank you for your time

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@sohaibsinigri the ratio msg feature is not available till now


The Tree is a coming soon feature :).

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