How to intsall bllocdesk

can anyone please help me to download bblocdesk on my windows

you got the code ? then you have the link to download bllocdesk. from there you can install ratio.

here you can find the link for bllocdesk

here you go.

thank you @freyjasasi

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Hey, after the update Im trying to install update via my laptop, but it’s stuck on USB debugging, no notification pops up on my device, I’m using op7, USB debugging is on in setting but my device is not recognized , no notification on screen, any help?

Disconnect USB. Then tap on Revoke USB Debugging (you will find it just under USB Debugging toggle). Then connect usb again.

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Tried that no luck, I disconnected, reconnected revoked devices , but still my device isn’t recognized

So I just updated via Blloc service now

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My device is getting recognised but the problem I’m facing at in bllocdesk is at the 8 step in installing I’m getting error everytime any help

it worked
thank you for your help

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hey if you have the exe file with you of Bllocdesk could you share it

Just a fair warning here! If you’d like to have a copy of BllocDesk, note that it is not currently supported; development for it has been suspended temporarily to provide more manpower to the development of Ratio.

If you encounter any bugs or issues with BllocDesk, it is advised not to post them here!

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