How To install it on my phone?

I received the invitation. But where is the link to app?
I mean where is the apk file. Cant find it on blloc website. At least Explain me the procedure.

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To install ratio you need to download bllocDesk first. You can get it here

After that go to the “Ratio” tab on the left and you will find the instructions to install it on your device.
There’s no apk to install directly


I don’t have a laptop at the moment. Is there some other way i can install ratio?

@abid.shah48 Not at the moment. You’ll have to wait. But hey!!! You have the code now, so its just a matter of time. Have a great day!

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just a small thing to keep in mind,
they will ask the verification code which is the invitation code from the mail.


There is no direct apk file for obvious reasons !

I am having trouble with the installation. It shows that it is installed and then on my phone it keeps telling me to enter the invitation code that I received and and I get an error of invalid request body.

Have you tried entering the code on Blloc Desk? AFAIK binding it would be proper when done on desktop app. @Riteshp

Can I install this thru my phone without using my desktop?

You can install the Lite version without a computer. But the Pro version needs to be installed from blloc desk

See this @michael.c.malvataan

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