How to get the launcher? [In progress]

Hi, I was invited to join the community by Blloc, however I have not received the launcher till now. Should I wait for apk, let me know. I use OnePlus 7T.

Many thanks.

NEW USER FAQ (Updated Every Week) Start here. Thank you

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How do I get the launcher? Thank you.

If you got the email, please follow the steps. If you have a supported device, install via Bllocdesk, if not, please install ratio lite via apk. Thank you!. Please also use your code.

If you haven’t gotten the code, wait until you get the email. Thank you!

You have to follow link given in your gmail and download BllocDesk which you have to install on your PC… Then… Connect your phone and follow the steps and enter the verification code provided in mail when asked and thats it Ratio launcher installed… Message me in case of any difficulties