How to Get Ratio on your Device

You must sign up via the form on Blloc’s website, then you will be in line to receive your invitation code. Once you receive your invite code here is how to get started.

You will need:

  • Your computer

  • Your smartphone

  • USB cable

  • Wifi Connection

Blloc will send you a link to download BllocDesk. Once you have installed BllocDesk onto your laptop you can select Ratio from the menu. You will then be prompted to start the installation process of Ratio onto your smartphone device.

Step 1
Enable Developer Options: Settings > About Phone > Tap ‘Build Number’ 7 times. No matter what Android you have, search Build Number and you will be able to find it.

Step 2
USB Debugging: Settings > System > Developer Options > USB Debugging > Enable. Alternatively: Search USB Debugging on your device and enable.

Step 3
Connect Your Phone: Using your USB cable, connect your phone to your computer. If the phone does not register, connect and reconnect your device. A pop up may appear on your phone asking you to “Allow USB debugging”
Select the box that says ‘Always allow from this computer’
And then click ‘Allow’

Step 4
Enter Verification Code: This is the code Blloc sent via email. Press ENTER.

Step 5
Accept Permissions: For more details on permissions check our permissions page on our how-to page

Step 6
Install Ratio

Step 7

You will now have Ratio on your phone. If you’d like to make Ratio your home app, go to Settings and search ‘home app’ and select either Ratio.


Hey there, I am having problems installing Ratio. I am stuck at step 3. I allowed USB debugging on my z18 but Blloc Desk (on a Macbook Pro) does not recognize my phone. I 've tried everything you suggested but it still doesn’t work.

I would appreciate any help!

Z18? Why would that be on Ratio?

Because i want to get Ratio on my Z18, the problem is the installing process

The Z18 already has the “Ratio system.” Ratio is only for other Android’s. The Z18 is what Ratio is based from, only for other phones.

Hi Nils,

basically for now in term of features Ratio is a subset of BllocMode so there would be absolutely no point in installing Ratio on your Z18, except if you want to lose features (the tree for instance). :grin:

Hey I wanted to know how we’ll be able to update Ratio Launcher. Do we need to connect it to the laptop or will the update occur like any other plat store app?

You have to connect it! For now. I believe in the future minor updates will be OTA.

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Awesome! Thanks for letting me know.

Exactly as @jbriones95 we just released an updater app, it will be installed from BllocDesk and in the future Ratio updates will be available there.

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I’m getting error installing and give all permission check my cabel and my device plenty of space for qpps to be installed please solve the issue…

Which phone are you using?

It’s vivo y83… 4GB varient…

Its not supported yet… you’ll have to wait

Ok then i have to wait for it… Can’t do anything… And just ping me when my device is supported… Please

I have the same issue. But I’m using a OnePlus 7 Pro. How do I resolve this?

Can you elaborate with some screenshots of the error that you are getting?

Okay, So I just restarted both the Macbook and my phone. And the whole thing went through smoothly. Installed it on my phone successfully now. Appreciate the prompt response. Thank you, but it just got resolved.

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