How to enable the color mode?

In ratio launcher lite the color mode dose work or not? I try the ratio tool, allow all permissions, but unfortunately its not working. always showing a pop up message like " RATIO doesn’t have the right permissions to use this feature" What can I do. I am using Play store version and my phone is Redmi Note 6pro.

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Try using the Ratio Tool again . Also check if all permissions are granted in the permissions manager.

It’s not allow me to grand modify system settings… can you help me to use adb. How to use adb for grand it

What device are you using ? And did you use Ratio tool ?

My devise is Redmi note 6 pro. And I tried with ratio tools also

I tried many ways. but always shows this

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I have the same issue on Pixel 3

Could you upload the screenshot of the permissions manager in Ratio Settings ?

When I try to gran the color mode modify system settings. It shows this message

I tried with ratio desk tool… but no further changes…

Here is the other screen shots

First, you have to enable usb debug in your phone then connect phone to pc and run blloc toll

@olivier @internetjohnny Could you help solve this out ?

Uninstall completely and reinstall. Before that, Clear all data of ratio in phone app settings.

Now try again

Enable also “disable permission monitoring” in developer option and try again, when process successful unplugged your phone and check :slightly_smiling_face:

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not fount “disable permission monitoring” in developer option in my Redmi note 6 pro.

Yes. I am.

My problem not solved :slightly_frowning_face:

Hi guyz… Finally I solved my problem on my redmi phone. Now I can enable or disable color mode.