How to delete pre made Drawers?

Can you guys tell me how to delete pre made Drawers???

I want only one or 2 drawers in my home screen. How do i achieve this ??

Anyone ?? :roll_eyes:


Remove all apps from the drawer, long press it and press delete. That should work.


Removing like how you said it will uninstall from phone i think

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I mean dragging them to another drawer. Long press them and then hold them and move them to another drawer.


Its isn’t working. This happened only after the recent update. It was working great before the update.

Only i can rename the premade Drawers.

I don’t even have the . Apk file to goback to the previous version.

I m the only one or you guys have the same problem

If i drag and drop all the apps to another drawer, the previous drawer gets deleted, but the problem is when i remove those apps fron the drawer( drawer where i droped it), again a new default drawer gets created.

I guess minimum 5 drawers is the limit.

Be careful not to drag the tiles above the existing drawers as that will create new ones. Create the one or two drawers you want to have and position them below (!) the drawers you want to delete to make sure that you don’t create a new drawer by accident. Then try again.

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OMG it worked… thanks for the help. Really appreciate it.

I was doing it wrong. Draging the unwanted drawers to the end of the list did the trick.

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